Our Q3 2019 performance at a glance

Third-quarter highlights

  • Sales in the quarter amounted to EUR 4.7 billion, with 6% comparable sales growth
  • Comparable order intake was in line with Q3 2018
  • Income from continuing operations amounted to EUR 211 million, including a charge of EUR 78 million related to a goodwill impairment, compared to EUR 307 million in Q3 2018
  • Adjusted EBITA margin was 12.4% of sales, compared to 13.2% of sales in Q3 2018
  • Income from operations amounted to EUR 320 million, compared to EUR 451 million in Q3 2018
  • EPS from continuing operations (diluted) amounted to EUR 0.23; Adjusted EPS from continuing operations (diluted) increased 10% compared to Q3 2018 to EUR 0.46
  • Operating cash flow increased to EUR 356 million, compared to EUR 265 million in Q3 2018; free cash flow increased to EUR 126 million, compared to EUR 52 million in Q3 2018

Key data

in millions of EUR unless otherwise stated

Q3 2018

Q3 2019




Nominal sales growth



Comparable sales growth1



Comparable order intake1



Income from operations



as a % of sales



Financial expenses, net



Investments in associates, net of income taxes



Income tax expense



Income from continuing operations



Discontinued operations, net of income taxes



Net income



Income from continuing operations attributable to shareholders2 per common share (in EUR) - diluted



Adjusted income from continuing operations attributable to shareholders2 per common share (in EUR) - diluted1



Net income attributable to shareholders2 per common share (in EUR) - diluted






as a % of sales



Adjusted EBITA1



as a % of sales



Adjusted EBITDA1



as a % of sales



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Message from the CEO

“In the third quarter, we delivered mixed results for the Group. We recorded strong 6% comparable sales growth, driven by the innovative products and solutions across our businesses. This was reflected in the mid-single-digit comparable sales growth in mature geographies and high-single-digit growth in growth geographies, with double-digit growth in China.

Comparable order intake was flat, on the back of strong 11% growth in the third quarter of 2018, reflecting the unevenness of order intake dynamics and softness in North America. Over the last 12 months, comparable order intake grew 5%.

The Adjusted EBITA margin in the Diagnosis & Treatment and Personal Health businesses showed continued improvement. However, as we announced in our update on October 10, 2019, the Adjusted EBITA margin in the Connected Care businesses declined to 11.3%, due to increasing headwinds from tariffs and a delay in the impact of the mitigating actions, factory under-coverage and an adverse product mix impact. Adjusted EBITA for the Group was also impacted by lower license income in the segment Other.

For the full-year 2019, we continue to expect growth to be within the 4-6% range. We expect the Adjusted EBITA margin to improve around 10 to 20 basis points given the overall significant headwinds and the performance trajectory of the Connected Care businesses, which we are addressing. For 2020, we expect 4-6% comparable sales growth and an Adjusted EBITA margin improvement of around 100 basis points.”

Frans van HoutenChief Executive Officer

Highlights of Q3

Philips Image-Guided Therapy

Reinforcing leadership in image-guided therapy

Reinforcing its global leadership in image-guided therapy, Philips launched its highly successful Azurion platform in China, following clearance from the National Medical Products Administration. Moreover, in the US, Philips launched the longer 150 mm and 200 mm versions of its Stellarex low-dose drug-coated balloons to broaden treatment options for peripheral artery disease patients.

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Philips Lumify ultrasound

Mobile ultrasound success

Philips’ app-based, mobile Lumify ultrasound solution delivered double-digit comparable sales and order intake growth, as it continues to set the industry standard by consistently delivering what customers need to provide the best care for their patients at the point of care – diagnostic clarity, reliability and continuous scanning, with a lightweight, replaceable transducer.

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Philips Incisive CT platform

Innovative new CT platform

Philips introduced an industry-first ‘Tube for Life’ guarantee on its new Incisive CT imaging platform in North America following its successful introduction in Europe and Asia. The new CT platform integrates innovations in imaging, workflow, and lifecycle management, helping healthcare providers with smart clinical decision-making, increased efficiency and improved experience for patients and staff.

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Philips Enterprise Diagnostic Informatics

Informatics acquisition completed

Philips further expanded its Enterprise Diagnostic Informatics portfolio with the completion of the acquisition of Carestream Health’s Healthcare Information Systems business. Adding a state-of-the-art cloud-based imaging data platform, Philips’ offering now includes advanced Vendor Neutral Archive solutions, diagnostic and enterprise viewers, interactive multimedia reporting, AI-enabled clinical, operational and business analytics tools, as well as tele-radiology and diagnostic patient management services.

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Philips IntelliVue bedside patientmonitor platform

Advances in patient monitoring

Reinforcing its leadership in patient monitoring solutions, Philips introduced the next-generation IntelliVue MX750 and MX850 bedside patient monitor platforms in Europe. These feature an extensive range of measurements and analytics, as well as new cybersecurity capabilities. Moreover, Philips signed multi-year enterprise patient monitoring agreements with the Kantonsspital Frauenfeld (Switzerland) and the University Clinic of Bonn (Germany) to improve workflow and clinical outcomes in these hospitals.

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Philips SmartSleep Analyzer

Partnering on sleep care

Philips teamed up with Walgreens, one of the largest drugstore chains in the US, to integrate the clinically validated Philips SmartSleep Analyzer with the Walgreens Find Care platform, which helps connect Walgreens’ millions of mobile and online visitors to healthcare services. Walgreens Find Care users are now able to use Philips’ tool to help identify the potential reasons contributing to their sleep issues and connect to sleep diagnostics, guidance, products and solutions.

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Philips connected power toothbrush

Global roll-out for connected toothbrush

Further broadening its product range in oral care, Philips has rolled out its connected Philips Sonicare ExpertClean globally. The new smart power toothbrush delivers superior oral care results with its sonic technology and deep clean brushing mode.

Making the world healthier and more sustainable

Our strategic focus

Healthcare challenges the world over

All around the world, trends such as growing, aging populations, the increase in chronic illnesses and changing reimbursement systems have created a need for more efficient, effective and sustainable models of care. At the same time, a growing focus on healthy living and prevention means people are looking for new ways to monitor and manage their health. In underserved communities, meanwhile, access to care remains a pressing issue.


A clear vision guiding our actions

Led by our vision of making the world healthier and more sustainable hrough innovation, Philips is driving the digital health revolution to unlock the value of seamless care, helping people to look after their health at every stage of life – with the goal of improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2030.

This ambition demands an approach that addresses both the social and ecological dimensions, as reflected in our commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 3, 12 and 13:

  • Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  • Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

With its focus on access to care, circular economy and climate action, our ‘Healthy people, Sustainable planet’ program, running from 2016-2020, is designed to help us deliver on these commitments.

Innovating care

The desire for affordable and effective healthcare delivery, without compromising the future availability of natural resources, is driving the adoption of value-based care. This will first require a shift from volume to value, which Philips is driving through innovation, as well as by transforming the way we engage with customers and shape business models. Secondly, it will require the balance to shift from acute and episodic care more towards primary and secondary preventative care in the community and home, improving overall population health.

At Philips, we like to visualize healthcare as a continuum since it puts people at the center and supports the idea of care pathways. Believing that healthcare should be seamless, efficient and effective, we ‘join up the dots’ for our customers and consumers. Data and informatics will play an ever-increasing role in helping people to live healthily and/or cope with disease, and in enabling care providers to meet people’s needs, deliver better outcomes and improve productivity.

Health continuum

Applying our extensive consumer insights, we develop locally relevant, connected solutions that support healthier lifestyles, prevent or cure disease, and help people to live well with chronic disease, also in the home and community settings. In hospitals, we are teaming up with healthcare providers in long-term strategic partnerships to innovate and transform the way care is delivered.

SonicareTelehealth eICUDiagnostic Imaging

We listen closely to our customers’ needs and together we co-create solutions – suites of systems, smart devices, software and services that drive improvements in patient outcomes, quality of care delivery and cost productivity. Increasingly, we are partnering with our customers in new business models where we take co-responsibility for our customers’ key performance indicators.

Integrated solutions addressing the Quadruple Aim

Philips sees significant value in integrated healthcare, applying the power of predictive data analytics and artificial intelligence at the point of care, while at the same time optimizing care delivery across the health continuum. This includes an increased focus on both primary and secondary prevention and population health management programs.

With our global reach, deep insights and innovative strength, we are uniquely positioned in ‘the last yard’ to consumers and care providers, delivering:

  • connected products and services supporting the health and well-being of people
  • integrated modalities and clinical informatics to deliver precision diagnosis
  • real-time guidance and smart devices for minimally invasive interventions
  • connected products and services for chronic care.

Underpinning these solutions, and spanning the health continuum, our connected care and health informatics solutions enable us to:

  • connect patients and providers for more effective, coordinated, personalized care
  • manage population health, leveraging real-time patient data and clinical analytics.
Digital pathologyAzurionDallas Childrens Hospital

By addressing healthcare as a ‘connected whole’ in this way, we are able to unlock gains and efficiencies and drive innovations that help our customers to deliver on the Quadruple Aim of value-based healthcare: improved patient experience, better health outcomes, improved staff experience, and lower cost of care.

We are focusing on end-to-end pathways – at present primarily cardiology, oncology, respiratory care, and pregnancy and parenting – where we believe our integrated approach can add even greater value.

The road ahead

As we continue on our health technology journey, the drivers set out in the roadmap below are designed to deliver higher levels of customer value and quality, boost growth, and deliver winning solutions – all coming together to improve performance and results.

Health continuum